Classes for ages 7 & up


Road To Stardom Program

All of our 3 & up classes are part of our Road to Stardom Program. Our program is focused on continual progression and improvement:
​Introduction to concepts and technique

Improve and build confidence

Put that technique into choreography

Performance which allows children to blossom and showcase their talents!​​

Our goal is to build confidence through performing, so our dancers perform in two showcases each season!

Students are encouraged and nurtured as they are introduced to proper, age-appropriate technique in a positive and supportive learning environment. Our experienced teachers will help your child gain confidence, coordination, social skills, discipline, and musicality in a fun and engaging program! Enrollment is limited to 10 students per class so each dancer can receive individual attention.

Our programs are designed as a two-year curriculum. Younger dancers learn from and are motivated by the older students in the class, and the older dancers get a confidence boost from being “the big kid”. That self-belief helps them when they move to the higher lever class!

 Benefits of dancing at ABC’s…

We offer more time in class- your child’s development is our first priority!

​40 weeks of instruction per season

We take limited time off for holidays! We are open all weekend and Monday holidays and over Spring break. We only take one week off over the holidays, which we don’t charge tuition for

All classes are a full hour unless specifically a 45 minute class

Unlimited make-ups for missed classes

Why? So your child doesn’t miss out on classes! More time in class gives your dancer the opportunity to flourish and leads to faster improvement! It all adds up!

More great benefits!

TWO beautiful performances each season! (Winter & Spring)

Photoshoot with a professional photographer for class and individual pictures

​​Dancers will receive a FREE ABC’s of Dance t-shirt!

Exclusive discounts on camps, intensives, workshops, and birthday parties!​

Easy to switch classes (prior to recital costumes being ordered)

No substitutes or switching teachers

 Inclusive pricing to make your life simpler

And more!

“This is our 3rd year at ABC’S of Dance and we couldn’t be happier. The teachers are very talented and professional and the environment is warm and friendly.  We highly recommended it.”

-Susie N

Ballet I

Ages 7 & up

Ballet is the foundation of all styles of dance and is known for being the most graceful form of dance. Students will focus on proper body alignment and positioning, turnout, pointing toes, and learning terminology. Ballet is based on repetition in order to master movements and dancers practice the same technique throughout their ballet education. Ballet dancers practice pliés and tendus whether they are 3 years old or professionals in a ballet company.
Dancers are expected to pay attention, be respectful, and try their best. However, we believe that teaching in a positive way is the best philosophy when it comes to explaining technique and corrections. Ballet is hard enough as it is! Dancers respond much better to patience, encouragement, and understanding.

Tap I & II

Ages 7 & up

Tap is so fun! Learning rhythms with your feet is a great way to develop musicality. Tappers will also develop coordination and balance. Tap can be challenging, but dancers will build confidence and feel a sense of achievement as they master steps and gradually progress to more difficult technique. We will take what we have learned and put it into a fun routine! Warning: Tap is addictive, and your dancer will most likely compulsively practice their tap steps everywhere they go!

Jazz I

Ages 6-9

If your dancer wants to take a class that is more upbeat and less structured than ballet, but also wants to learn some dance technique, Jazz is the class for them! Jazz dancers will learn leaps, kicks, turns, and fun routines to current, age-appropriate music. Jazz is seen in many Broadway shows as well as “So You Think You Can Dance”. Your dancer may just be starting their journey to the bright lights of Broadway!

Hip Hop

Ages 8 & up

Hip Hop is one of the most popular styles of dance! It is fast, high energy, and a lot of fun. Dancers will learn hip hop and break dancing steps as well as working on routines to current popular songs. This class is always age-appropriate from the music played in class to the steps we teach the dancers. Your 6 year old definitely won’t be twerking!

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