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ABC’s of Dance Virtual Classroom

Disclaimer: You are engaging in this activity at your own risk It is up to you to perform these activities in an open area free from obstacles. Go at your own pace. By using these online videos, you agree to waive all liability and hold harmless ABC’s of Dance for any injury to yourself or to others, or property damage. You agree to participate in these videos at your own risk.

Setting up your home dance space:

  • It is recommended that an adult is present or nearby for dancers under the age of 8 to help them focus and let us know of any issues with the video/audio
  • Clear a space in your house for dancing - approximately 8ft x 8ft if possible
  • Download the Zoom app on your computer or mobile device - go to Zoom.com or search “Zoom” at the App Store. 
    • Be sure to allow Zoom access to your video and microphone so we can see and hear your dancer!
  • Gather your props and things needed for class  - click here for a checklist!
  • Join us live via Zoom during your class time - see the link below

Link to live classes via Zoom:


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Email: info@abcsofdanceweho.com

Phone (Call//text): (310) 923-0888

Please reach out with any questions. If you need help with connecting to your live class, please call ASAP and we will figure it out together. We can’t wait for our virtual classes!