Ballet Program

Ages 3 & up


“Amazing teachers and great vibe. My daughter loves this place! we discovered this gem while looking for a summer camp and stayed with them since then. It is our second year at the studio and my daughter loves it!”

-Victoria C

Ages 3 & 4

Your little one’s eyes will gleam with excitement as they fall in love with dance in our Pearl Level classes! Dancers are encouraged and nurtured as they tip-toe and twirl in an engaging and positive learning environment. Children are enchanted by creative dance games which help them develop the foundations of ballet movements. Dancers will also love getting to make sounds with their feet as they explore the musical magic of tap dance! Little ones have so much fun tapping away and making patterns and rhythms, they don’t even realize they are developing musicality and coordination. Small classes and experienced teachers ensure that your tiny dancer will get individual attention and always feel special.

This class prepares dancers for the next level, the Opal Level.

Ages 4 & 5

Watch your little one discover the magic of dance in our Opal Level classes! Dancers flourish as they joyfully hop, skip, and twirl in our supportive learning environment where every child shines. Kids blossom in our progressive program which is designed to foster their growth and development. In learning both ballet and tap, students explore musicality and movement fundamentals which are the building blocks of dance. With teachers who praise their success and nurture your dancer, they will thrive as they experience the joy of dance. Engaging dance games help dancers develop coordination, flexibility, and strength in a playful and fun way. Small classes ensure that your child will blossom with each and every class!

This class prepares dancers for the next level, the Garnet Level.

Ages 5 & 6

Your child will feel like “one of the big kids” as they learn more challenging ballet and tap technique in our Garnet Level classes! Dancers feel nurtured by their positive and encouraging teacher who gently introduces them to more structure to prepare them for the expectations of higher level classes. Dancers love dancing and playing fun games which help develop strength, flexibility, and balance. This helps them do more difficult and exciting movements which they will build upon in higher level classes. With more focus on proper placement and technique, dancers will feel a huge sense of accomplishment as they improve. Teachers often hear: “I can do it by myself!” as dancers aspire to learn and perform trickier steps.

This class prepares dancers for the next level, the Jade Level.

Ages 6 & 7

Dancers thrive as they learn more challenging technique in our Jade Level classes! Children establish a solid understanding of ballet concepts and technique as they progress. Dancers are so proud of themselves as they begin learning and mastering more difficult movements. Students feel supported by their encouraging teacher who focuses on positive corrections and a “you can do it” attitude. They will rise to the challenge as their teacher holds high standards for technique, placement, and behavior.

Dancers will focus on ballet in this level, but they will still do some tap, focusing on rhythms and patterns to reinforce the musicality they are working on in the ballet portion of class.

This class prepares dancers for the next level, the all-ballet Amethyst Level.

Ages 7 & 8

Dancers will feel like little ballet dancers in our all-ballet Amethyst Level classes! Students continue to build on the foundations they learned in previous levels as they work on increasing their turn-out, balance, strength, and flexibility. This allows them to learn more exciting steps, which is so inspiring for young dancers. Children are more focused in class as their teacher continues to hold high expectations for behavior, effort, and improvement.

This class prepares dancers for the next level, the Sapphire Level.

Ages 8 & up

Students will feel like real dancers in training in our Sapphire Level classes! They are so excited to get to do exercises at the barre, which has always been reserved for the “big kids”. Dancers will learn more feet and arm positions as well as focusing on precision, posture, placement, and turnout. Performing exercises to build their arm and leg coordination will prepare students for more difficult movements as they progress. Dancers work on stretching and strengthening their arms, legs, and core so they can execute more ambitious steps with greater ease.

This class prepares dancers for the next level, the Ruby Level, which is a pre-pointe class.

Audition only

Dancers love focusing more on their ballet training in the Ruby Level classes! Students are now taking ballet twice per week, where they blossom and progress quickly. Building on what they learned in previous levels allows them to perform more challenging and impressive steps like pirouettes. Dancers also begin working on new movements at the barre as well as learning new arm positions.

*This class may be taken by instructor placement or audition only.

This class prepares dancers for the next level, the exciting Emerald Level which is a pointe class!

Audition only

Dancers are performing more exciting and complex steps in our Emerald Level classes! Emerald Level is the one girls have been working toward as they will prepare to go en pointe and will be doing pointe work for the first time. It’s what every ballerina dreams of!

Students are now taking three hours of ballet per week. This ensures they are improving their technique and building strength quickly. Dancers work on developing more complicated arm and leg coordination, which allows them to execute more intricate movements at the barre and in center.

*This class may be taken by instructor placement or audition only.

This class prepares dancers for our highest level class, the Diamond Level!

Audition only

Dancers learn more advanced steps in the Diamond Level classes, which is our highest level Ballet class! These dancers focus on more difficult, intricate movements at the barre, in centre, and on pointe. They are reaching for the highest standard and quality of technique that has been expected of them so far in their ballet training. Dancers will use this technique in exciting new movements, which inspires them to continue to learn and progress!

Students continue taking three hours of ballet per week. This ensures their technique is progressing, they are building their strength, and improving their pointe work.

*This class may be taken by instructor placement or audition only.

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