“I want to say a huge thank you to Amanda, Katie and Mary for running such an outstanding dance studio. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about ABC’s of Dance and we are grateful for the amazing memories we will have. I know our daughter will always smile thinking about her first dance class experience.

Thank you for giving your best week in and week out. Thank you for your patience with this young age. Thank you for putting on such beautiful and professional recitals. Thank you for challenging your students (even the little ones). And thank you for your kindness to each student.”
-Kristle S.

“​My daughter has been coming to classes and camps at ABC’s of Dance for four years, and we loved the friendly, fun, supportive environment from the very start.  During those years, I’ve seen her improve in physical skills like strength, coordination, and flexibility, but – just as importantly – practicing and ultimately mastering steps has brought her greater confidence and poise.  She looks forward to dance class every week!”
​-Kristy R.

“My girls absolutely love taking dance class at ABC’s. They have both grown their dance skills tremendously and gained confidence and performance skills (they can’t wait for the recital every year!).  My oldest daughter has improved her soccer footwork technique because of tap class -an added bonus we didn’t foresee! The teachers are friendly and warm while conveying the discipline necessary for learning the art of dance. This family owned and operated studio feels like an extension of our family.”
-Claire R.

“When my daughter started ballet at ABC’s of Dance at 8 years old, she was a shy and sometimes clumsy little girl.  In the last three years, under the careful watch of her teacher Ms. Katie, my daughter has grown into a graceful and skilled ballerina, as well as a confident tap dancer.  We credit Ms. Katie in inspiring in her a love and devotion to dance. I never imagined the impact starting to dance at ABC’s of Dance would have on her. She is motivated, determined and focused in her devotion to all types of dance, which we believe has all been fostered through her time at ABC’s of Dance.”  

-Molly C.

“We love ABC’s of Dance! It has been an amazing learning experience and our daughters have learned so much about dance. The teachers are amazing! We look forward to coming every week!” 

-Laura G.

“Highly recommend! Our family can’t say enough good things about ABC’s of Dance. The studio does such a good job fostering community, and the teachers (Miss Katie and Miss Amanda) offer young dancers a wonderful mix of encouragement and instruction.”
-Joe W.

“Amazing teachers and great vibe. My daughter loves this place! We discovered this gem while looking for a summer camp and stayed with them since then. It is our second year at the studio and my daughter loves it!”

-Victoria C.

“This is our 3rd year at ABC’S of Dance and we couldn’t be happier. The teachers are very talented and professional and the environment is warm and friendly. We highly recommended it.”

-Susie N.

“We love ABC’s of Dance. My daughter always has fun, the community of families and teachers are terrific, and they learn so much. It’s a wonderful family to be a part of.”
-Melinda W.

“Our daughter Blair loves going to this studio! She is 4.5 and just performed in her first recital. It was so much fun. This week she is at ‘dance camp’ and is loving it. If you have a little one this is a great enrichment and teacher Katie is awesome!”

“Our 3 1/2 year old twins absolutely adore their dance class and their teacher Amanda.  The level at ABC’s is far more professional than our last dance class experience.  Keep up the great work.” 

-The Kenans

“My daughter (3.5 yrs) absolutely loves her dance class at ABC. She goes to class early to watch the class before, and stays late to watch the class after hers. Her teacher is disciplined yet flexible enough for a toddler. It’s her favorite part of the week and I’m thrilled to have them as part of our community.
-Holly C.

“It quickly became obvious to me that my son would learn dance technique as well as discipline in a genuine and authentic dance environment. ABC’s of Dance really knows how to encourage and instill a sense of practice and accomplishment through their methodology of teaching. It is pure genius to steer the young mind through the technique of each discipline from ballet to hip hop towards an ‘end of year’ dance recital. It is half way through the dance year that all the steps begin to form into a specific routine for the show.  And then, from when the costumes first arrive and Photograph Day turns into the stage performance evening both the parents and their children experience the thrills of distinction and confidence. When Boulevard came off stage he ran up to Miss Mary and said: ‘That was SO much fun!’ ”  (Dance Recital 2014)
-Jane G.

“We love this dance school for regular weekly classes and camps during school breaks! My girls have been in classes since the school opened and have learned so much from the excellent teachers. The recitals are terrific and a chance to showcase their talents. I think they’ve fallen in love with the stage life!!”


“I love how Ms. Amanda obtains the best of each of her students by giving the best of herself.” -Annel S.

“Can’t say enough great things about this place! My child started here when she was two; she’s been going for several years and she loves it! I love what she learns about dance as well as other important life skills, (like confidence, etc…). The teachers are amazing! They also put-on amazing recitals twice a year in a beautiful large state-of-the art-theater downtown.” -Robyn V.

“I highly recommend ABC’s of Dance!! We have been with ABC’s of Dance since my 5 year old daughter was 2. ABC’s is family run and family friendly. Amanda, Katie and Mary are truly amazing. They are always positive, upbeat and accessible. The instruction is first-rate. Not to mention the fun recitals with quality costumes and great choreography.” -Sam K.


“So glad we chose ABC’s of Dance! My daughter not only learns life skills such as listening, team work, developing motor skills and independence but she has a blast while doing it. You can definitely tell this dance school has been doing this for awhile because I have never been part of a more organized establishment. I always feel like I know what is going on and what to expect especially during recital time!”
-Pamela M.


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