Summer Session:
June 17-August 18
9 weeks


Summer Session: June 17-August 18 (9 weeks)

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Currently Registered Families in our 2017-2018 Season:
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Watch your child begin their love of dance

Your dancer will discover the magic of learning in a positive environment with teachers who nurture their progress and develop their artistic talents. Dancers flourish in small classes where they can build strong bonds with their teacher who gives them individual attention to ensure their success. Their confidence will soar as they blossom in class and improve their skills! Making dance class friends, they will feel part of something truly special. Dancers and their families will create beautiful lasting memories they will cherish forever!

ABC’s of Dance is a family run and operated studio! We love sharing our passion for dance with our beautiful students.

At ABC’s of Dance, every child shines!

Summer is a great time for new dancers to begin classes and for returning students to keep up their skills for the next season! Students are encouraged and nurtured as they are introduced to proper, age-appropriate technique in a positive and supportive learning environment. Our experienced teachers will help your child gain confidence, coordination, social skills, discipline, and musicality in a fun and engaging program! Enrollment is limited to 10 students per class so each dancer can receive individual attention.

  • "This place is such a gem! A family owned studio, the classes are taught by the owners' daughters. This is such a great place that really teaches solid technique while still making it very fun for the kids. The teachers are extremely kind, patient and always give a lot of positive reinforcement. The classes are small so the kids get plenty of individual attention."

    Lynne S.


What will my dancer experience in their class?

All classes begin with a warm-up to prepare dancer’s bodies for the class and prevent injury. Younger dancers will learn age-appropriate technique in fun and engaging dances and activities which are full of imagination. Older dancers will focus on improving their strength, flexibility, technique, tricks, and of course, learn exciting routines!

In our Ballet classes, we use the AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE® National Training Curriculum. The program is designed with a strong emphasis on the stage of a child’s development and the all-around health of the dancer being the highest priority. This curriculum provides quality ballet training to dance students of all ages and skill levels, building strength, coordination, and artistry.

Miss Katie is a Certified Teacher in Pre-Primary through Level 5 of the AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE® National Training Curriculum, which is incorporated into our syllabus.

Can my child try a class before we register?

Absolutely! We offer an introductory class so kids can experience our classes before they register. We know they will love it here, but an intro class is a great way for dancers, parents, and teachers to come together and find the right class for your child.

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What should my child wear to class?

Click here to see our Dress Code. We know dancers love wearing their favorite color leotards, so we do not require specific colors for each level. While we don’t have a uniform, dancers do need to wear dancewear and the dance shoes outlined in our Dress Code. Wearing dancewear helps dancers feel ready for class and inspires them to try their best. Like other activities, you need to have the right equipment so you can move properly and the teacher can see body placement. This helps prevent bad habits which can potentially lead to injuries. Of course, we are more lenient with little ones, if they want to wear a huge tutu- go for it! We want them to feel special!

Can my child take a class if they don’t meet the age requirement?

Our curriculum for each class is specifically developed for that age group and is focused on progression. It is important to keep dancers in classes meant for their age group to keep them challenged without overwhelming them. If your child is close to the required age, such as within a month or so, contact us and we will discuss further and have your child come in for an introductory class. However, if they are more than a month or two too young for the class, we will recommend an alternative class more appropriate for their age and development.

Can we make-up a missed class?

Absolutely! You may take a make-up class during any class for your child’s age group. Please contact us before attending a make-up class so we know to expect you and we can prevent overcrowding. Make-up classes must be taken during the current session.


Awesome summer camps

for ages 4-8


Great summer intensives

for ages 8 & up

To schedule an introductory class... (click here)

While we are sure that both you and your child will love it, we offer an introductory class so your dancer can find the right class for them! Follow the simple instructions below to reserve your intro class online, or call us at (310) 923-0888.

Find the class you would like to reserve for your intro class

Click on the “Register” link next to the class

Fill out the registration form
In the section “I would like to trial this class”, select “Yes”

Your intro class will be scheduled for the next time that class meets, and the fee will be charged to save your child’s spot

You will receive an email confirming your registration for the intro class!

​Introductory class fees:

45 minute class: $20  –  1 hour class: $25 – 75 minute class: $30

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Currently Registered Families in our 2017-2018 Season:
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Price listed is pro-rated for the number of weeks left in the session.

Classes for ages 2.5-3.5

Classes for ages 3 & up

Classes for ages 5 & up

Classes for ages 7 & up

Classes for ages 3 & up

Classes for ages 5 & up

Classes for ages 7 & up

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