5 Ways Dance Boosts Confidence

Dance is such a great way to help kids boost their confidence. Of course, getting up on stage and performing is great, but there are so many other confidence-boosters in dance!


Performing is a great way to build confidence. Kids may be nervous and have butterflies in their tummy before showtime, and that’s okay. Conquering their fear and going for it will give them the most amazing feeling of accomplishment!

Mastering Skills

Learning dance technique can be difficult. Oftentimes, it can take months or even years to master skills. Working toward a goal and finally achieving it will make them feel so good about themselves. Saying “I did it!” with a huge smile on their face is proof of a huge boost of confidence.


Using your body to express yourself builds confidence by providing a creative outlet for kids to explore their artistic abilities. It can be hard to communicate your feelings through words, especially for children. When they are able to use dance to express themselves, it takes the pressure off finding the perfect words.  

Social Skills

Meeting new friends at dance class helps children build their social skills and feel more confident in all social situations. Younger dancers learn things like taking turns and getting along with their classmates. Older dancers learn to be considerate of others and more compassionate towards classmates who may be struggling. Helping a classmate will not only inspire generosity, but also make them feel good about themselves.


Dance is a great opportunity for kids to meet others from different schools and backgrounds who share similar interests. Dancers create a community and do become a dance family. Dancers in a class become a team and work together to make a routine come together. Learning difficult choreography or sharing pre-performance jitters with your team gives kids confidence because they have their team.

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