3 Tips For A Great First Dance Class

A child’s first dance class is so exciting! They may have their outfits picked out already and are beaming with anticipation. To help your dancer feel ready for their first class, here are a few tips for ensured success.


#1. Tell them what to expect

Make sure to talk to your child about what is going to happen, especially for little ones. Children who feel prepared are often more confident when going into new situations. Say something like: “We’re going to go to dance class today, you’re going to wear special dance shoes, you’re going to meet some new friends, and have so much fun dancing. I’m really excited, are you excited?” 


#2. Be on time

We understand it can be hard with LA traffic, but rushing a child into a new environment when the class has already started can make them feel shy and uncomfortable. Plan to be at the studio early so your child can acclimate to the studio, meet their teacher, and feel ready to go into class.


#3. If your child is nervous, that’s okay

It’s normal to have some nerves when they’re trying something new. Just let them sit next to you and once they feel comfortable, they will join in with their new dance friends in no time! Pushing them to go in only makes them feel more unsure and is counterproductive.


Remember these tips when you bring your dancer to their class, and they will be ready to join in the fun and have a great time dancing their hearts out!

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