The Importance of Activities During School Transitions

School transitions can feel a little tricky for parents to manage. Should we take a break from activities and only focus on school? Will my child be too tired after school to come to dance? We know parents may wonder whether or not to take a break from extra-curricular to give their child some space, but it can actually make the adjustment harder for your child. Read on to find out why!

We all know kids thrive with structure and consistency. Big life changes like school transitions can cause some stress and anxiety, but keeping everything else in their life consistent brings them a sense of security. School may be different, but home is the same, and their activities are the same. Keeping life the same as much as possible shortens the adjustment period and makes the transition smoother.

Creative Outlet
Dance is such a great creative outlet for children. It’s also great for them to have this release after being in school all day. Children may be feeling anxiety due to life changes and school transitions, and dance is a great stress reliever!

Alternative Scheduling
So you want to keep your child dancing, but are still concerned about their energy level after school? Look into an alternative class time! Weekend classes are a great option, and your child will be energetic and focused. Some schools have early dismissal days, and joining a class on that day will not only ensure your child isn’t over-tired, and gives them a fun activity!


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